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You are staring into each others eyes.

You are together, knowingly walking a short journey through life together. You have agreed to being with one another, weaving a life where you are clear, real, able to abandon yourselves to pleasure without apprehensions or insecurities about your vulnerabilities, embracing joyful living. Without causing harm to anyone and operating on participative consent.

Welcome! You are your primary source of Pleasure and Joy. If this truth resonates with you, you should be experiencing the gifts life gave you, with yourself and another. If you aspire to experience this truth, Duo work is solely focused on dynamic together, even though it start with you as individuals!

During our 1-1 coaching primary journey , I come in, as your pleasure and intimacy coach to support and deepen your recovery and discovery in this journey that is transformative,  worthwhile and personal to your life together, align and thrive!

You are promised a safe space to explore without judgement from THOR.

Image by tabitha turner


It takes two to tango in harmony.


Reignite the spark, learn the language to communicate together and build a strong connection with your partner. 

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