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Sometimes it is best to Discover, Recover, Align and Thrive in a group. Experience and contrast your experiences, see that not one size fits all. Develop respect and compassion for each other's view.

Society and community are so great at imposing truths without giving us the authorisation to question and discover our own truth, without causing harm to yourself and others, while practicing consent.


Welcome! You are your primary source of Pleasure and Joy. If this truth resonates with you, you should be experiencing the gifts life gave you, with yourself and another.  If you aspire to experience this truth as part of a group, this journey is solely focused on learning and discovering in a group dynamics! Let's face it, for some, it is easier to discuss with people who share similar concerns.

Get in touch for your 1-1 discovery session and you will be oriented accordingly to one of the group programs. I come in, as your pleasure and intimacy coach  to support and deepen your recovery and discovery in this journey that is transformative, worthwhile and personal to you, align and thrive!

Alternatively, if you simply want a discover session, get your group together and book me.


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Helping Hands


We love being together, we want to further understand and improve our dynamic.

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focused work military GROUP

In field, intensive training - re-integrate who you are and allow all your loved ones back in.

Express what happened and assume that there will be no rejection, rather deep understanding.

Anger, resentment, fear and disgust are not to your benefit. We can help you digest them.

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