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I have vaginismus

Women, 27 years old, heterosexual

She guided me in understanding my body and to dissolve this mental blockage which resulted ...


Sustained erection & long lasting sex

Men, 65 years old, heterosexual

She reminded me of skills I had not practiced since my 20s and encouraged me to a routine...


learning to love my body & self-pleasure

Women, 32 years old, bisexual

I have started accepting that I can find pleasure by receiving from myself/my partner and...


intimate, sexual & libido issues

Women, 26 years old, bisexual

Positive things have started changing for the better, we are more...


Pain with vaginal penetration

Women, 35 years old, heterosexual

I was having pain with vaginal penetration and I didn’t have a clue on how to handle it....


struggling to fall pregnant

Women, 37 years old, heterosexual

My husband and I has been trying to get a baby for a year and we had just booked an...

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