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One life, no repeat, might as well enjoy every moment we have here.

Discover - or rediscover everything about your sexuality, what you like, how you like to express it.

Recover - re-affirm who you are and re-appropriate what got lost along the way.

Align - be nothing less than yourself without causing harm to yourself or to others.

Thrive - enjoy the freedom of being yourself until your lasting breath.

WHY THOR Services:

Sexual wellness and freedom liberates many aspects of personal and professional life from unnecessary suffering.


By neutralising sexual concerns in your life, you will find greater freedom and focus on enjoyment of being alive and active in your personal and professional environment.

Relax, have fun, thrive!

WHAT we do:

We facilitate sessions that assist people in removing their concerns and growing towards their free and liberated sexual self.

HOW we do it:

We have an online service to help you:

  • 1 on 1

  • Couple

  • Group

  • Online Programs

  • Neutralising emotional tensions in the workplace 

  • Assisting companies with their brand communication and action with regards to gender inclusivity and relevance to market segment.

  • Events: some we create others we tailor make to suit your needs, or Zoë simply come as entertainment!

  • Retreats: our online retreats are meant to take you to the core of your concerns in a safe place, suited to you. We can also organise retreats for you and your organisation.

note: to improve your life

Clarity, directedness, openness: you can be clear about who you are and ensure that you smile about being alive and sexually relaxed.

Discontinue pretending to be something you are not.

Be yourself without hurting your professional life.

Communicate about your sexuality without being offensive.

Digest everything that is hard to admit in a relaxed atmosphere.

THOR's safe space is there for you.

Wooden Ladder

IMPROVE YOUR your relationships

Roses Welder

Because honest self-love and self-respect lead to improved living conditions.

Hatred, revenge, resentment will never be part of any peace plan or wise ruling.

'You hurt me so I will hurt you'- this only reinforces vicious cycles of thinking and doing. Your sexuality is a root cause to many behavioural dynamics that determine how you will treat people, in your personal and professional sphere.

THOR's safe space is here to assist you in clearing sexual concerns and thoughts that will allow you to nurture relationships for most productive and constructive outcomes in your professional life.

THOR's safe space is here to assist you in clearing sexual concerns and thoughts that will allow you to nurture your personal relationships to the point where you may share ecstatic bliss.

Image by Szilvia Basso

WHY IS clinical sexology


Because honest self-love and self-respect lead to improved living conditions.


If one of the greatest parts of you is happy, then your outlook on everything will be more positive.

If everyone's outlook is more positive, then there are less and less negative behaviours able to emerge and thrive.

One of the greatest discoveries:

If you reject any party of you, you will reject part of the world. 

If you are fully integrated and admit that all your parts are useful and natural and valuable, your ability to admire and appreciate every part of life, amplifies.

Image by Michael Browning

thor: A safe place

to be yourself

Because honest self love and self respect lead to improved living conditions, to reinforce my existing skill set, I became a sex coach and clinical sexologist able to hear out your concerns whether you feel you are  sexual, demi-sexual or asexual.

THOR or The House Of Relationships was brought to life to create a safe space for you to open up, express everything that hurts you, stops you from allowing joy into your life.

A place where you can express everything that boycotts you, destroys your will to be open and receptive to love and tenderness, so as to re-establish and deepen your relationship with yourself, lovers, family, children, work colleagues and society at large.

Become a hydrophobic leaf of a plant. Whomever has nasty comments for you, wonder if they are hurting and venting over you. If they are hurting and are unablemto be proactive about their joy. If you have the energy, offer them compassion and invite them to consider a way to experience joy otherwise.

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