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"Zoe is a lateral thinker and she passionately loves the planet we live on. I have hardly met someone who comes with so many creative solutions to everyday environmental issues."

Sarita K. Pulton-Boolell

Rtd Principal Pharmacist, Ministry of Health of Mauritius




As a clinical sexologist, my goal is to help people become their most abundant source of joy.


The benefits of a satisfied, relaxed, and fulfilled heart are truly unbeatable. Every individual deserves to experience this sense of wholeness.

Life is a precious and fleeting gift, with no repeat, rewind, or pause. After exploring various fields, I discovered that sexology was the path that would allow me to contribute to nurturing a humanity where individuals can feel safe, sane, and free to be their authentic selves with consent and thrive at work.


Enables me to gain a deeper understanding of your heritage and the values that you and your community cherish.


My studies  and experience in applied social researcher (social engineer) - CONSULTANT & FACILITATOR

Enables me to comprehend the psycho-social mindset of your current environment, including its values, aspirations, and your personal sense of belonging within it.

my studies and experience in PERMACULTURE SPECIALIST &

Enables me to gain insight into your relationship and your place within nature.


My life as a singer songwriter, musician & artist

Enables me to consistently inspire you to tap into your imagination and express yourself in ways beyond conversation, igniting your passion and stirring your heart.

my work in creative-ideation

Like you, I've experienced a lot in my life. I've swam through literal rivers of mud to come out clean on the other end. Nothing is ever straightforward, even the best laid plans can go awry.

My experiences have allowed me to coach you with confidence and give you the assurance that I'm someone who has learned to adapt to unforeseen circumstances. If I can overcome obstacles, so can you, and I'm here to show you how.


community & capacity builder

My expertise lies in emotional intelligence, relationships, and intimacy.

I use this knowledge to bring teams together and create an environment where individuals thrive together through intentional actions.


professional training and coaching

I established a training center to formalize programs that individuals or organizations may require.













Who am I?

I graduated the SCU - SexCoachU as a clinical sexologist and sex coach in June 2020.


Sex coaching and clinical sexology allows me to bring more joy to your experience of being alive and to answer questions you are maybe too shy to ask.

I am here to empower your journey to resolve your concerns and achieve the sexual wellbeing vision you have for yourself.

You may see the portfolio of projects I am allowed to publish at


Current studies

PhD Candidate - International Institute of Clinical Sexology - Florida

Ongoing: GeoMedicial Technician

- Under guidance of Prof. N. Jeremijenko (OA)


Bachelor of Archaeology (hons)

Specialised in Education in cultural formation transformation and transition



2021 - Business and Product Development, marketing and communication - SCU

2020 - Graduation as a Clinical Sexologist and Sex Coach - SCU


2018 - Permacuture Diploma Accreditor the Permaculture Institute of North Britain

2017 - Permaculture Certificate Teacher Trainer from the Northern School of Permaculture

2014 - Permaculture Diploma from the Permaculture Institute of Permaculture of North Britain

2012 - Permaculture Teacher Certificate from the Northern School of Permaculture

2010 - Permaculture Certificate from the Northern School of Permaculture

Professional training keeps me up to date with new practices or improved practice. While keeping my finger on the pulse, I may be of best service to the people who come to me for help.

To be of best support to my service users, in 2021,

I completed training in: Life Coaching, Neurolinguistic Programming, Exercise for Wellbeing, Anatomy and Physiology, Kinesiology and Meridian Psycotherapy, from the School of Natural Health Sciences - UK. 

If you wish to see a full detailed CV - compiling all my experience - don't hestiate to email me.

In the meantime, visit for an overview of all the projects I have worked on since 2012.


2010 - Inspiring Leadership Coaching : Manchester Institute for Sports and Physical Activity, facilitate by the Manchester Metropolitain BEACON

2010 - License qualification - Cob Building - Natural Structures - Kate Edwards

2007 - Bi-Lingual Teacher's Assistant - Stockport Ethnic Diversity Services


Postgraduate Diploma PGDip - Applied Social Research - Specialised in Education in cultural formation, transformation and transition - The University of Manchester


Ba (hons) - Archaeology - The University of Manchester

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