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Why THOR ?


in short:


your joy for life matters

I help with sexual health and wellness concerns, where being relaxed with love and life is a pleasurable journey.

I am described as someone who does not waste anyone's time and who actively listens without any judgement.

Read more on me, in the about section if you like.
IF you scroll down you will have a full view of the kind of clinical sexologist and coach I am too.

If you want to get to the bottom of your concern and get going with a solution, I might just be the right person for you!

None of us have time to waste wallowing is misery. Life passes by so fast, and the playground if full of fun if we allow ourselves to live it!

Thorsday Chat - Episode 1
Zoë Rozar Clinical Sexologist
English Version

Thorsday Chat - Episode 1
Zoë Rozar Clinical Sexologist
Version Francaise

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Thorsday Chat - Episode 1
Zoë Rozar Clinical Sexologist
Version Kreol Mauricien

logo thor-05.png


The process of working with me

It's 100% confidential, when you check the terms and condition box, this is what you are promised.

I have had experience with several concerns since starting my practice and here is what you are guaranteed

A safe space to spell out what you have never been able to say elswehere.

If you read the red box below you will know my jounrey

My crisis of identity, the limits of social conduct which imprisoned my being and doing and how these limits can be negotiated without breaking any law and cultural cue while being respectful.

How to be more involved with my environment and how to use art and place-making as a way of bringing more enjoyable experiences to people.

I got to clinical sexology because I knew how my emotions made me uncomfortable in various situations and I noticed the same in others. I noticed how our discomforts robbed us a so much head and heart space for more pleasurable activities, as we take a few breaths on this rare kind of planet.

Life is so short! I decided to journey through all the discomfort to feel the gift of existence.

I relearned everything and today I simply want to offer the type of joy that makes most experiences in life, a welcomed process.

How does my relationships with you unfold?

You come to me with a clear goal for your sexual health and well-being:

I want to....

As I am not a touch based practitioner, therefore we will only be talking.

We work through the pillars of the mind, emotions, body, energy and spirit for living so as to track your evolution together.  We co-actively develop a program for you to trial and tweak until you find your rhythm.

Sometimes, it could be that you are simply lacking sleep!

Before we choose a program together, I carry out a discovery session where I catch the main lines of your journey this far.

Here are the concerns I have assisted people with in various contexts

solo concerns:

Male oriented

- erectile dysfunctions: premature or delayed ejaculation

- flaccidit​y​​

Female oriented

- vaginismus - inability of penetration

- dyspareunia - painful sex

- anorgasmia - where is my orgasm gone /  why has it never come / I want to know what it is.

- I don't feel any pleasure​​

whether male or female:

- Desire, my desire, I wish I understood what has happened to my libido?

- post breakup regeneration

- post divorce regeneration

- Am I good enough?​​​​​

- Rape recovery

- Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and rekindling with intimacy 

- Recovering from domestic violence

Couple concerns:

- Wedding night jitters

- aligning for desire and a life together

- mid-marriage re-evaluation

- just because we want to have fun​​​​

- fear of cheating

- Last call before we call it a day

​You can read some of the testimonials  and watch my videos to see who I am.​

Within all the people I have facilitated

1 - all had a 100% safe space to feel free to talk

2 - all were able to immediately take relieving actions that allowed them to transition from the space they were in to the the experience of life they have decided to embrace and adapt to as their living unfolds.

Your Joy for life matters!


About the coach

Zoë Rozar

I understand you from the a cultural and material point of view because I am an archaeologist specialized in education in cultural formation, transformation and transition, I ask questions that give me a sense of what makes your identity as it helped me recover mine without any influence.

I understand you from a social point of view. I became a social engineering - graduating applied social research in 2007 and specialised still in education in cultural formation, transformation and transition as it helped me break down what in my education stopped me from enjoying this short time on earth.

I understand you from an ecological point of view. I am a permaculture design master planner and teacher - completing my 10 year apprenticeship in 2017 - I work in planetary health and geographic medicine to ensure that our health is not limited to internal medicine. For us all to feel well, our environment should be a reflection of our aspiration to be abundant in well being. I took this path in order to reconnect with the earth that gave me life.

I understand you from an emotional point of view - I am clinical sexologist since 2020. Since 2022, I am a PhD candidate at the International institute for clinical sexology based in Miami, Florida - USA

My PhD topic is on Emotional Discomforts with a strong concerns for Personal Health and it's value for Planetary Health. OUR JOY FOR LIFE MATTERS

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