Why THOR ?


Welcome to THOR's slice of the world, where you could find your journey to a smilegrowing towards a more relaxed outlook on your sexual wellbeing, no matter your dynamic. 

I have had great experiences with the people I have had the privilege to serve, I do not over promise and I will tell you when I am not suitable for you. It is essential that you feel safe and heard.


Whomever is seeking for a way beyond their current concerns:

Are you fed up with the words performances, achievements, targets, aims, objectives? Do you question yourself: am I doing it right?


Fed up of being stuck in between a society that tells you "you need to" and a community that tells you "you have to"?

Where you have been taught how to give and take but not to receive with as much freedom as giving and taking?

Do you want to explore yourself and your relationships in order to experience  greater relaxation pleasure and joy starting with your inner sexuality?

It might not be comfortable at first, but The House of Relationships is here with Zoë, to be the clinical sexologist and coach to assist you, on your way. 

End the outlook of 'burden', 'duty', 'responsibility' and embrace savouring, admiration, joyfulness and playfulness.

Explore the website and see everything we have on offer.

We even have corporate services to enhance the workplace and thus improve on attitude in the workplace - team spirit - supporting each other, making the office a second home because lets face it, work is where we eventually could spend most of our lives at.



Finally, we offer event options, we can edutain and answer all the questions you might have for us with regards to sexuality, sexual well being and relationships at large.

Check if I am the right person to serve you.

As an international, when you choose our service, you are endorsing sexual wellness and education in Mauritius.

The reason why we have an adjusted service for Mauritians is because, Mauritius is our HQ and Mauritius is not yet calmly open to sexual health and wellbeing..



WHY THOR Services:

Sexual wellness and freedom liberates many aspects of personal and professional life from unnecessary suffering.

By removing sexual concerns from your life, you will find greater freedom and focus on enjoyment of being alive and active in your personal and professional environment.

Relax, have fun, thrive!

WHAT we do:

We facilitate sessions that assist people in experience a breakthrough from their concerns and grow towards their free and liberated sexual self.

HOW we do it:

We have an online service to help you (see below):

  • 1 on 1

  • Couple

  • Group

  • Programs

  • How to neutralise emotional tensions from the workplace

  • Assisting companies with their brand communication and action with regards to gender exclusivity and relevance to market segment.

  • Events: some we create others we tailor make to you, or I simply come as entertainment!

  • Retreats: our online retreats are meant to take you to the core of your concerns in a safe place, suited to you. We can also organise retreats for you and your organisation.


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About the coach

Zoë Rozar

I have alwasy been invested in understanding the nature of disatisfaction and suffering, espeacially after my own events. We learn to master our wounds, transforming vulnerability into opportunity for growth. It is often in this recovery that we find pathways and solutions we simply need to put in the service of others. I don't want anyone spending as much time as I did on getting on with living and experiecing the happiness that we deny ourselves, every second we worry. Because honest self love and self respect lead to improved living conditions, to reinforce my existing skill set, I became a sex coach and clinical sexologist able to hear out your concerns whether you feel you are highly sexual, demi-sexual or asexual. THIS One life, no repeat, might as well enjoy every moment here.

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