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Zoë Rozar




Why THOR ?



End feeling frustrated and overwhlemed
If you want to feel at ease, my process might be for you!

THE WHY (...a bit more)

I wish everyone were emotionally comfortable and confident! 

- None one of us have time to waste - our sense of peace is often compromised and this impacts how we feel and love, how we express ourselves.

- Our inner sense of peace, emotional and sexual expression, acceptance of our desires is often restricted by the internal and external expectations that are placed on us.
- My skills empower and I want to share what works so that more people are able to navigate their well-being with confidence. 

- Life passes by so fast and is too precious to not live at our full potential. Life is playground, full of fun if we allow ourselves to live it!

What if it didn't have to be like that?
This life, this death, no repeat, no rewind, no pause.




When working with me, the process primarily involves a combination of online sessions, ensuring that individuals worldwide can benefit from the program regardless of their location.

Rest assured that confidentiality is of utmost importance. By checking the terms and conditions box, you are guaranteed 100% confidentiality throughout our work together.

How is works?

1 - You come to me with a concern:

I want to....

2 - you fill in the form where you tell me more - click below or any of the boxes that prompt you to tell me more

3 - if what I read is relevant, I will get in touch with you within 48h with contact phone number

4 - we have a short call - within this time if you are satisfied:

5 - you are directed to the booking calendar and you choose the slot that is most convenient for you.

6 - During this initial consultation, I will ask you to provide me with some information so I can fully understand the area(s) you want to work on

Together, we will collaborate to determine the appropriate number of sessions, tailored to your schedule and commitments. Additionally, to expedite your progress, I may involve other professionals such as speech therapists, dance instructors, or physiotherapists. This multidisciplinary approach aims to help you achieve your goals more efficiently.


If I am unable to assist you, I will refer you to a professional within my network who can help. For example, if you require the services of a psychologist, urologist, gynecologist, or endocrinologist, I will refer you to a trusted specialist in that field.

For certain psychiatric conditions, I require collaboration with your treating psychiatrist in order to provide you with the best support possible.

concerns i am familiar with AND HAVE SUCCESSFULLY ASSISTED


- I can't focus at work, I can't get this problem out of my head, please help me.

- I don't know who I am nor what I want anymore

- I love my partner but want to meet other people - how do I tell them?

- I want to keep my family and still be able to meet new people, how can I best tell this to my partner?

- Where has my libido gone?

- my erections are weakening, i have seen the doctor and there is no problem. What can I do?

- I ejaculate so fast that I am scared of being rejected by my partner 

- I can't orgasm inside my partner, we want to have a child. What to do?

- I want to understand why I can't be penetrated - I want sex but nothing I do works - it's painful 

-I experience painful sex, what can I do?

- I want to know if I am doing it right (sex and relationships)

- I have been divorced for a bit now and I don't know how to start dating again

- I want a relationship but I am so scared. I don't understand anything. what do I do?

- I am addicted to pornography, how to stop it?

- I am in the middle of divorce, I have just turned 40 and I really want to have fun, I don't want a relationship. Can you help me not feel shyness or shame?

- I have been sexually abused and I wish I could trust a partner. I don't want to end up alone.

- My partner just remembered of their abuse and they push me away - what can I do?

- I can't stop myself from wanting my fetish - I find feet so sexually arousing, I feel ashamed.  What to do?

- My partner has PTSD, what can I do to help?

- My partner is a veteran of war, they have PTSD and I want to help my couple and my family support them. They have seen psychologists, psychiatrists and all sorts of therapists but none have been of real help. Are you able to see if you can do something?

- I am a widow and I need to help to move on


- We know about the rates of separation and divorce, we want all the tools available to always keep our relationships healthy.

- We have got to a point where we need to know if we can move forward or call it a day.

- We want to connect more deeply

- We want our children to feel confident about their sexuality and their well-being and they are uncomfortable when we talk about it.

- They are always angry and I don't know how to manage our relationship

- We have only recently become parents and we don't know how to make love anymore. When I approach my wife she rejects me and when she approaches me, its the wrong time of day.

As a certified clinical sexologist - I promise that I am a grave to your story, I am a safe container for your concerns and I will assist you in getting your balance back  - for your peace of mind, peace of family and relations, peace of life.

About the coach

Zoë Rozar

I understand you from the a cultural and material point of view because I am an archaeologist specialized in education in cultural formation, transformation and transition, I ask questions that give me a sense of what makes your identity as it helped me recover mine without any influence.

I understand you from a social point of view. I became a social engineering - graduating applied social research in 2007 and specialised still in education in cultural formation, transformation and transition as it helped me break down what in my education stopped me from enjoying this short time on earth.

I understand you from an ecological point of view. I am a permaculture design master planner and teacher - completing my 10 year apprenticeship in 2017 - I work in planetary health and geographic medicine to ensure that our health is not limited to internal medicine. For us all to feel well, our environment should be a reflection of our aspiration to be abundant in well being. I took this path in order to reconnect with the earth that gave me life.

I understand you from an emotional point of view - I am clinical sexologist since 2020. Since 2022, I am a PhD candidate at the International institute for clinical sexology based in Miami, Florida - USA

My PhD topic is on Emotional Discomforts with a strong concerns for Personal Health and it's value for Planetary Health. OUR JOY FOR LIFE MATTERS

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