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Why it’s okay to argue

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

It is said that there is a hell, in all the levels of hell, where everything is so peaceful people are bored as hell.

What is arguing according to the Cambridge English dictionary?

to speak angrily to someone, telling that person that you disagree with them:

Why would you angrily say to someone that you disagree with them?

Modes of Communication

We are all set to communicate in a different way.

We develop our communication style through our senses, upbringing, what happens to us at school, in society, in our personal relationships, in our spiritual journeys.

There are no two people who communicate everything in the same way.

No one is a mind reader! When developing a relationship with someone, be clear on how you like information to be presented to you...and make the effort of asking to.
Listen twice more than you speak...
If you cannot practice this, you will remain in your vicious shouting match until you break everything you love.

What we do at THOR

We create that sweet space where you can understand how you actually communicate so that you may become a better communicator and a better lover.

The way this journey helps you....beyond your intimate relationships.

It helps every aspect of your life.

No need to be ashamed. Secrets are what destroys all relationships. Why have any?

Arguing is a sign that you care enough to spend energy.

The idea here is to communicate in ways where this energy become a passion that strengthens your intimate experiences.

It takes time to get through this. It's an adventure as someone changes depending on context, is the fun, know how to bring the right reaction out of each other to open up to someone more enchanting.

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