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Why we officially did our soft launched on the 8th of March 2021

Because progress takes a lime light on name days and THOR was priveledged to participate in an all female newpaper.

The Human form is magnificient, no matter the gender.

Here is the article - as printed in the express Mauritius.

We are sexual as from the time we are in the womb.

We were brought to life through a sexual moment.

It is, therefore, only logical that we are sexual beings.

There is nothing disgusting about conscious sex, except for the disgust, shame and guilt we have been taught to cultivate with regards to sex.

Were we born to bare life, or live it with joy?

If you knew how incredible your body is, you would reconsider what you have been taught to be ‘a need’ or ‘duty’.

The reason why we have been taught to reject sex:

1. It can be unhygienic and spread diseases that can economically debilitate a nation - today there are ways of being incredibly hygienic!

2. It can increase the number of beings in a population and cause stress to the state

-today there exists male and female birth control strategies! While women are used to having their vaginas visited by doctors, men can get minor surgery, which can be reversible.

3. Sex can distract from work, destroy a workplace but it can also inspire some of the most beautiful artworks.

These are the most notable reasons why we are conditioned to reject sex, the rest has to do with fear of the unknown and sheer lack of knowhow.

We live in a bed of paradoxes!

As Dr. Kinsey, a biologist and zoologist, demonstrated; nature does not practice sexual exclusivity of behaviours.

What is natural is everything under the sun, born and created by natural interactions. Men can be predominantly heterosexual but have bouts of homosexuality, the same applies to women.

You can try out the Kinsey scale and see how ambivalent you are, day to day, hour to hour.

Monogamous, polygamous, polyamourous, lifestyle: what is your degree of trust? Jealousy? Anger? Insecurity? Curiosity? Why?

Who is anybody to judge the agreement between lovers?

There is no wrong doing except physical breaks, bleeds and murder or psychological damage that drives to suicide.

Sex is explained as sacred in ancient spiritual practices and demonized in others. Sexual hygiene and expression is completely taught and practiced in some cultures and non existent in others.

In the Mauritian landscape, we are brought up to take the standards of sex for granted, we are not taught anything about it.

When it comes to encountering sexual experience, either we replicate what we have seen in professional movies (which are completely staged ) or we are overcome by anxiety and cannot perform.

Worst yet, we are homosexuals getting married and imprisoning someone who could have found love elsewhere, all for the sake of ‘what will the community think?’

There is more damage to yourself and others in not being truthful to oneself.

Questions to ask yourself:

Do I really know myself? Is my Behaviour harming me? Harming society? Harming others? Is there blood and killing?

If you are offending highly sensitive people, keep your expressions to places where these people cannot come, create communication campaigns that accustom them to the plurality of ways of being, before you throw your truth in the open.

The Marquis de Sade would have never been arrested should he have kept his boudoir secret.

His intention was to celebrate the plurality of ways to love oneself and others and this deeply offended the authors of civic conduct, it was jeopardizing the fabric of society!

However, you cannot stop a good thing from thriving.

Books kept on being distributed and today, the freedom to be who you are without fear of offending anyone is present in more cities than in others.

The free-est cities in the world include Seattle and Manchester, all sorts of people loving anything and everything without causing harm; armed with consent.

Let’s get to that.

Do you consent to be free? Do you consent to be yourself without harming yourself or others? If you can answer yes to all questions, then you are free to be whoever you want no matter what people think.

Ugly comments usually come from people who wished they had more freedom to love themselves.

So be sexual (where you can dissociate love from sex ), demi-sexual (where you need to have emotions to have sex) or asexual (where you don’t have any inclination for sex and where nothing turns you on). All these are normal -

Above all,

Do yourself the best gift and favor; trash the words performance, achievement and target, from your sexual private life…

Remember the creative and joyful child you were and re-bond and cultivate that spirit.

Anytime someone tells you that you need or you must, ask yourself: ‘without doing any harm to myself or others, what does my heart wish for and know to be a need and a duty!?’

Inevitably, once you get passed the cars and the house, the money, the children,

you will hear ‘ everlasting joy and peace’; which you cannot experience without letting go of a lot of nonsense.

Performance kills everything. It kills your ability to relish in anything you do, be in the moment of your movement because performance always makes you think about the next step.

To remove performance when it comes to love, is the greatest act of kindness to yourself. To make love presently and completely, that is the true honour you could do to life, to do it with compassion and wisdom, is one of its ultimate expressions.

Life is undissociated to Love, It’s not an act, it’s not a target.

It's a purposeless, directionless stroll through a landscape where you bask in magnificence, in full consciousness.

As a clinical sexologist, our code of honor requires us to serve the sexual rights of the people who come to us with their sexual concerns - erectile, vaginal, anal, nervous, solo, couples...the list goes on-

Clinical sexologists are not romantics, we are not candid nor naïve, we protect the world from the cynicism that has killed our potential to realise the privilege of being human, which leads to Lack of Love and Lack of Wisdom, everywhere.

BIO, Zoë Rozar, amongst other things, is a clinical sexologist and joy based place-maker at the House of Relationships. She is here to help you iron out your sexual concerns and empower you on your journey to inner sexual joy. You can contact her on

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