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Finding the right clinical sexologist and sex coach

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Am I the right person for you?

It's not easy to feel relaxed and confident with just about anybody, especially when it has to do with talking about your most sexually weighing concerns?

What I tell people who ask me: why did you choose this path?

1. Because I have had my share of negative experiences, having found a set of tools that helped me through them, I decided to go to school and master these tools so that I may share them with others and make sure that they can journey through their negative bounds in less time. Dwelling is the killer.

2. Because I understood and experienced that people who are free of all sexual concerns and annoyances are more lively and present in everything they do. To spend time in a community of such people beats spending time in a society where the national sport is 'complaining and moaning'. The simplicity in understanding oneself can be so simple if you let yourself be accompanied with trust.

How to know how to trust your clinical sexologist and sex coach?

The compassionate, no nonsense approach.

The person has the arrow pointing on you and does not enable your spiral. They hear you and get you active and get you to take decisions that can only get you going.

At THOR, you can book in a discovery session with myself and see where that will lead you.

You will know within the first session if you can open up to me and if you feel like I am the right person to assist you with your concerns.

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