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Look for the calm within yourself

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

Isn't that a million dollar question?

There are millions and millions of blog posts on this - I thought to have a go at it too.


What is calm within yourself?

Have you ever thought of this?

In all the articles I come across, they all seem to end up with someone sitting cross legged.

I came across someone who was hyperactive, bouncing like a flea and guess what, they are the calmest person I know because they are authentic and can be focused and still when needed.

Calmness is in your profound being.

It is in the way you organise your day, they way you find time to play.

Calmness comes where you are no longer seeking distraction and completely involved with what you are doing at every money you are doing it.

It can only be sensed by you.

Calmness and the senses

The only way you may master your senses is by experiencing them fully.

Eyes ears nose touch taste thoughts.

I won't know how to put it simply, I am still learning. However, on the way, this is what I have picked up.

I have been able to overcome many bad habits through making the active effort of understanding them fully, where they come from and how they matter and how they can become meaningless.

When we are kids, some of us like to suck on our thumbs, others need a soft toy. These are called pacifiers.

All compulsive habits are like pacifiers.

To know how to let go, we need to know how we cling to them.


The only source of real joy, is yourself.

Calmness within....knowing that you are solely responsible for all your joy, that is only amplified through interactions with others.

Get Active

At THOR, part of all the journeys we offer, considers these thoughts.

How can you be sexually fulfilled with others if not with yourself first?

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